In the section "Equipment and tools for woodworking" products are presented in the following areas:

  • Carpentry equipment

Milling, jointing, cutting, chipping machines. Machines for brushing, hot stamping, circular saws.

  • Sawmill equipment

Sawing, band sawing, circular sawing and other woodworking machines. Debarkers, drum and mobile chippers.

  • Tree optimization lines, defect scanners

3D-measuring systems, longitudinal scanners, full-format flaw detectors. Automated log sorting lines, stacking devices.

  • Drying chambers and other systems for drying wood

High temperature and condensing kilns, steamers, pre-dryers.

  • Equipment for the production of board materials and floor coverings

Machine tools, tools, production lines for the production of light and solid boards, laminated/coated boards, chipboards.

  • Equipment for the production of moldings

lines and machines for wood splicing to length, plywood cut-to-size lines, plywood production lines, sanding machines.

  • Equipment for the production of glued structures and wood products

Glue spreading machines, glue spreaders, presses for the production of glued wood products, equipment for edge gluing.

  • Tools, consumables and equipment for their care

Chipping, chipping and profiling knives, band saws, horizontal dividing saws, profile cutters, guillotine veneer shears, sharpeners for band and circular saws.

  • Aspiration systems

Filter stations, filter silos, cam cleaners.

  • Surface Treatment Equipment

Grinding machines, polishing machines, overhang removal machines, wood aging machines.

  • Systems for design and automation of production

Automated warehouse complexes, centralized control systems, control and management automation, Equipment management software.

  • Tools, consumables and equipment for their care

Sharpening equipment for band and circular saws, automatic knife sharpening systems.

  • Aspiration systems

Filters bag flow type, filter cyclones, cyclone dust collectors.

  • Picking, assembly and packaging systems for products