Woodex is the 19th International exhibition of equipment, materials, and components for the woodworking and furniture industry — the largest exhibition of the industry in Russia, held biennially.

Participation in the exhibition is an opportunity to find new customers among the largest gathering of Russian timber specialists in Russia, to increase sales volumes and to present live equipment for the woodworking industry including:

  • Equipment and tools for furniture production
  • Equipment and tools for woodworking
  • Equipment for wood waste utilization
  • Window and door production —
  • Production of metal furniture and shelving —
  • Logging machines
  • Furniture components and fittings
  • Paintwork materials, adhesives, sealants, wood protection.
  • Auxiliary equipment

Woodex 2023


Woodex promotes the development of Russia's timber industry, the introduction of high-tech, energy-efficient and resource-saving solutions, and the gradual transition to a cyclical economy.


  • 18,000 square metres of exhibition space
  • 210 companies from 8 countries
  • 49 new exhibitors
  • 300+ machines in operation
  • 8,190 visitors from 75 regions of Russia and 26 countries
  • 95% of visitors make purchasing decisions
  • 41% of visitors are top management of companies
  • 50+ million rubles — 21% of visitors with purchasing power.

By the end of 2023


Woodex exhibitors are Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, tools for:

  • logging
  • woodworking
  • furniture, windows and doors production
  • wooden house building
  • wood waste processing
  • as well as manufacturers of paint and varnish products, adhesives, sealants and wood protection products.

Woodex exhibitors are interested in active promotion and introduction of new technologies in the Russian market, maintaining the status of a leader, expanding the base of contacts. In just 4 days they effectively solve the main business tasks.

Why exhibit

Woodex 2023 was attended by 210 companies. Among them are:

Akkuslar Makina, AKMASH, Altendorf, BABYFURNITURA, Biesse, Cefla, Delta-techno, DITEC, Extru-tech, Felder, Form, Grigio, HARTMANN-LOVEL, Intervesp, KAMI, LDM, Leitz, LIGA, MDM, Nanxing, Spectehuniversal, SREDA, Termowood, Wintersteiger, V Tsentr, Veha Plus, Instrument Plus, Kroko, KST, MISTER POGRUZO, MS-Group, Stankom, StankoLes, Stanki Trade and many others.



Woodex visitors

Woodex is attended only by industry specialists — representatives of:

  • Companies producing furniture, joinery and wooden constructions
  • Woodworking companies
  • Wooden house building companies
  • Wood waste processing companies
  • Logging companies
  • Manufacturers of board materials
  • Distributors of equipment, tools and materials

In 2023, Woodex had 6,058 industry companies among its visitors. At the exhibition, visitors find solutions to their business solutions, find manufacturers and suppliers under one roof.


Woodex conferences cover all areas of the woodworking and furniture industry. In 2023, the Digital Furniture Forum took place.

Over the course of three days, invited experts shared the main industry trends: digitalisation of the Russian furniture industry, tools for developing online furniture sales, the state of the Russian interior doors market, software solutions and ways to increase productivity in the context of staff shortages.

Find new clients, and business partners and strengthen your brand reputation at Woodex 2025!