The section "Auxiliary equipment" presents products in the following areas:

  • Software and automation systems

Raw material warehouse control systems, cutting optimization programs, material accounting systems.

  • Engineering and services

Complex supplies of equipment and air ducts, installation of equipment and metal structures, maintenance of equipment, design and installation of pipelines.

  • Vacuum equipment

Pumps, drying and press-drying chambers.

  • Packing lines and packaging equipment

Horizontal, vertical packers and equipment for vacuum packaging.

  • Warehousing and transportation

Specialized warehouse software, raw materials warehouses, fuel warehouses, screw / scraper / chain conveyors.

  • Fire and explosion protection systems

Alarms, firefighting, equipment to prevent fires and reduce the likelihood of an explosion.

  • Tree optimization lines, defect scanners

3D measuring systems, log scanners, automated control systems for sorting logs and lumber.

  • Aspiration systems

Filtering plants, filter stations, filter silos, bag filters