What exhibitors say about Woodex 2023

Representatives of the companies that took part in Woodex 2023 shared their opinions and impressions of the exhibition.

In 2023, 210 companies from 8 countries participated in the exhibition. At the same time, 49 companies presented their products at Woodex for the first time. Exhibitors showcased their equipment, materials and components on 18,000 square meters of exhibition space.

The Woodex team conducted interviews with representatives of key companies in the industry: LIGA, Felder Group, Biesse, Intervesp, V Centre. Exhibitors told us what they think about the effectiveness of Woodex 2023, including for their businesses.

Top managers of leading companies told us about how the exhibition was held

Vitaly Krivosheev - CEO of LIGA

"This year's Woodex exhibition is truly a leading industry event. At the exhibition, we demonstrated new equipment for the production of furniture and interior doors, and premiered a new line of equipment for processing solid wood. To deliver 450 tons of equipment here, we loaded more than 60 trucks. We are very satisfied with the results of the first day - in terms of the number of clients, the level of companies that came here, the requests we receive from our clients".

Andrey Samsonov - CEO of Felder Group Russia

"We have been exhibiting at Woodex since 2009. For us, participation in the exhibition is one of the key events of the year, as there is an opportunity to conclude contracts directly at the stand. Our marketing emphasizes the promotion of the company at the exhibition. I can share the results of the first exhibition day - more than two dozen contracts signed and deals worth several hundred thousand euros. We see good attendance and conversion rates at Woodex, so I can give a positive preliminary assessment of our participation in the exhibition".

Mikhail Solyanik - Biesse Commercial Director

"Biesse has participated in all Woodex exhibitions because it considers it one of the main platforms for meeting its main customers. This year we are presenting a new visual identity, a new approach to the market. We are showing that we can handle any material in the best possible way. For a challenging 2023, we are pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors to Woodex. We have enjoyed a very large number of talks today and are pleased with the results. The market is alive and working - we have a lot to do in it".

Andrey Frolov - Brand Manager of Intervesp

Woodex is the main industry event of the year for our company; we start preparing for it a year in advance. The exhibition is certainly very productive, there are a lot of potential buyers and our current customers. There is a lot of communication, many suppliers came from other countries. We are working hard, we have collected a lot of customer contacts, we have held a lot of negotiations. There are already sales from the exhibition - both machines from the stands and equipment from our warehouse".

Victor Orlov - General Director of V Centre

"At Woodex 2023 we presented two of our products: "In the Center of Foreign Economic Activity" and "In the Center of IT". Thanks to exhibitions, we can focus on the problems and pains of the business and find solutions for them. The first two days of Woodex 2023 met our expectations. Many partners have called us and told us that they will visit us tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so we are still making appointments. The expectations have been fully met. Woodex is an opportunity for us to meet major buyers, suppliers and customers".

The 19th Woodex International Exhibition will take place in 2025, from December 2 to 5. Book your stand at Woodex 2025.