Technical services at Woodex 2021

This page will contain Exhibitor's Manual (Technical services). All documents will be in .pdf format, which you can open by using Adobe Reader (you can install this program free of charge by downloading it>>)

The manual consists of two parts:

1. Information part
This part contains technical information about the forthcoming exhibition, stand construction regulations, dates and deadlines and other information that can be useful during the exhibition preparation period. We will publish it in 2021.


2.  Technical services order forms

You can order additional services by filling in an order form. Scanned copies of filled in forms should be send to the e-mail address provided at the top of the order form. Please use your PC to fill in the fields on the forms. If you are unable to fill the forms in on your PC, forms filled in by hand are also accepted but make sure to fill in the forms correctly. Only correctly filled in forms are accepted.

Your manager is Artem Taran, [email protected]

Turkey stands

Your manager is Ruslan Udin



According to the exhibitor’s contract, the first thing that the exhibitor should do is rent their exhibition space. In addition to space, the exhibitor can order the standard equipment package (in this case we will build an exhibitor stand that consists of perimeter walls, carpet, 1 table, 2 chairs, rubbish bins and a fascia board with the company name mounted at the top of the open sides of the stand).

If the exhibitor does not order the standard equipment package, the exhibitor arranges the construction of the stand or places an order with a third party stand building company.

In this case, please pay special attention to ITE Expo International LLC requirements for stand design and regulations concerning fire safety, electrical supply and plumbing.

  • General requirements for stand project and participation in the exhibition
  • Requirements for the design and construction of a double decker stands
  • Requirements to the equipment set up and demonstration

You can examine your copy of the exhibitor’s contract to check which of the options you selected.

If you have any questions please contact ITE Expo International LLC Technical Service Department, you can find contact person on your technical services forms.