Logging machines at Woodex

Here Woodex exhibitors showcase:

  • Skidding and cable logging equipment
  • Cranes and other forest equipment
  • Portable chain saws and auxiliary equipment
  • Drag carts / skidding trailers
  • Skidding cables, skidding choker, safety belts and accessories
  • Skidding winches, skidding tongs
  • Truck loading cranes and log grabs

Russian market of harvesting  

More than 5,700 companies are involved in harvesting on a lease basis. Most businesses operate in the Volga Federal District (about 1,400) and least (less than 500) in the Far Eastern Federal District. Small and medium businesses account for 48% of harvesting totals. The largest companies include 261 companies with an annual harvesting volume of 100,000 to 500,000 cubic meters. 26 companies are very large. Today, most machines employed in the harvesting industry in Russia are produced by foreign companies. Even though the foreign equipment is traditionally more expensive than Russian one, the end customer prefers it due to its quality, reliability, productivity and environmental friendliness.

Woodex exhibitors in the Logging machines sector

Visitors at Woodex can discover new equipment and tools, showcased by exhibitors from such countries as Russia, Germany, China, Italy, Turkey and much more.

Logging machinery Russia, Woodex MoscowWoodex, logging machinery in Russia

Woodex is held biannually and unites market leaders in the field of wood processing and furniture production. The show is held shortly before the high season begins. It is time when the timber industry companies have a complete understanding of the materials and resources needed to reach the plans to start the production season right. 

In 2021, Woodex will take place at Crocus Expo, Moscow from 30 November to 3 December.