Equipment for wood waste utilization

Here Woodex exhibitors showcase:

  • Equipment for wood wastes utilization;
  • Equipment for production of briquettes, pellets, chips;
  • Equipment for energy generation using wood fuels.

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Timber waste in Russia

In 2019, 5,924,385,000 tons of waste were generated in Russia during wood processing, about 72% of this amount was disposed, including any forms of disposal (production of wood pellets, etc.). However, most of the waste is simply incinerated. In 2019, the furniture industry generated 1,854,947,000 tons of waste, of which only 21% was disposed; the percentage is less, since furniture waste, board trimmings are not burned

Key triggers of the wood waste utilization in Russia

  • In 2022, the Law On Mandatory Disposal of Wood Waste will come into effect and prohibit the wood processing industry to dump waste. Producers have several years to solve all problems and the most advantageous way is to process wood waste.
  • The government supports the green operations and sustainability trend
  • Increasing exports of biofuels (pellets). The key advantage of pellets is their high efficiency. For example, a pellet-fired boiler has an efficiency of up to 95% (75% for coal, 60% for wood).
According to experts, the pellet market is growing fast and has a supply shortage.The developed Eastern European and Asian countries do not have own sufficient raw materials, and this provides opportunities for Russian exporters.As of the end of 2019, Russia ranks 2nd in Europe in terms of production of wood pellets with a total amount of 1.9 million tons per year. According to market experts, in 2020 - 2021, it is expected to increase consumption by 2-3 million tons per year. The forecasted shortage of wood pellets in Europe in 2020 will be 12-15 million. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, exports of biofuel products increased by 23% in the three quarters of 2020. Some regions have programs to support biofuel producers.

Woodex exhibitors in the Wood waste utilization sector

Within regular exhibitor are such companies as Amandus Kahl, Axis Technologies, Coima, CPM Europe, Muench Edelstahl, Nazzareno, RMP, Vecoplan, etc. Visitors can discover new products, showcased by exhibitors hailing from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Estonia, Latvia etc. 

Woodex is held biannually and unites market leaders from the majority of the Russian regions. Almost 80% of Woodex visitors intend to purchase after the trade show.

In 2021, Woodex will take place at Crocus Expo, Moscow from 30 November to 3 December.