Equipment and tools for woodworking at Woodex

Here Woodex exhibitors showchase:

  • Equipment for carpentry production
  • Sawmill equipment
  • Drying equipment
  • Wooden houses construction
  • Equipment for production of wooden boards
  • Equipment for windows and doors production
  • Equipment for the production of flooring
  • Equipment for wood trim production
  • Equipment for laminated articles production
  • Finger jointing equipment
  • Tools and equipment for preparation of tools
  • Aspiration systems

The Russian Woodworking Machinery Market

Woodworking machines are designed to process products, intended for the construction, furniture, packing industries, etc. The main purpose of woodworking machines is to process raw wood to produce a wide assortment of wood constructions and different types of timber. Manually operated machines are the most affordable ones. Usually they are acquired for home use or to be used in small workshops and at home. More expensive woodworking machines are equipped with digital programmed control. Such machines operate in accordance with a pre-determined programme and are acquired for industrial use.  One of the main demands in the Russian market is the availability of modern multifunctional devices that can be easily reconfigured to produce products of various shapes and dimensions. This will allow to avoid manual operations altogether or to reduce them significantly while preserving a stable high quality of components processing. In 2020, the production rates did not decrease, and even showed an increase of about 2% for the period from January to October 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. According to Rosstat, foreign manufacturers occupy the largest share of the woodworking machinery market. ​Manufacturers from China, Belarus, Italy, Germany, and Finland are the leading importers of woodworking machinery. In 2019, the import amounted to 364.6 K units of equipment.

Russian Woodworking Machinery Market, Woodex Moscow, Woodex Crocus ExpoRussian Woodworking Machinery Market


Woodex exhibitors in the Equipment and tools for woodworking sector

Within regular exhibitor are such companies as Biesse, SCM, Dieffenbacher, Mebor, Ledinek, Paul Ott, Siempelkamp, Tajfun, USNR, Ustunkarli, Wintersteiger, Wravor, etc. Visitors can discover new products, showcased by exhibitors hailing from Russia, Germany, China, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, etc. 
Leading companies from Russia and the CIS visit Woodex looking for new solutions to grow their businesses.

Woodex is held biannually and unites market leaders of the Russian timber industry. The show is held shortly before the high season begins. It is time when the timber industry companies have a complete understanding of the materials and resources needed to reach the plans to start the production season right. 

In 2021, Woodex will take place at Crocus Expo, Moscow from 30 November to 3 December.