The woodworking innovations to look out for at Woodex 2019

Discover the world’s best achievements in equipment for woodworking and furniture production at Woodex 2019 this December

RemaSawco: Digital Sawmill

RemaSawco offers the latest generation of digital sawmills aimed at optimising and improving automation and bringing manufacturers to a whole new level of control over the sawing process with real-time artificial intelligence.

The digital sawmills offer a fully integrated production process that enables progress tracking of logs along the entire production chain, starting with the supply and ending with the release of a dry, ready-to-ship board. Data is collected on the external measurements and internal properties of logs and boards. Using high-frequency 3D scanning, the shape of the log is measured taking into account curvature, knots and damage, and all internal features.

The combination of 3D and X-ray scanning at the sorting stage accurately determines the quality of the raw materials and sorts the logs for the final product. The RS BoardScannerQ system, designed for automatic control and sorting of boards, detects all defects, violations of the shape of the boards and performs cutting and optimisation according to their quality.

Lumber production at a modern sawmill using digital technology shifts the focus from volume to quality.

RemaSawco’s equipment will be presented at stand C265, Hall 3, Pavilion 1

CGV: automated lines for sorting wet and dry boards

Swedish company C. Gunnarssons Verkstads (CGV) will showcase their high-speed automated lines for sorting wet and dry boards. CGV’s equipment effectively combines mechanics and automation, ensuring reliable operation of the raw and dry sorting lines of lumber at speeds up to 200+ boards per minute.

CGV’s sorting lines are highly innovative yet simple to operate, significantly reducing maintenance costs and have received positive feedback from customers for their reliability.

CGV equipment is suitable for both large and small sawmills. The company produces all the components for sorting lines itself, ensuring their high productivity and accuracy.

This is a new generation of equipment where perfect synchronisation of all components of high-speed lumber sorting systems is of utmost importance. The sorting process is distinguished by high dynamics, the operation of the lines has become more smooth and efficient.

CGV equipment will be presented at stand C265, Hall 3, Pavilion 1

Forezienne: woodworking equipment and tools

French company Forezienne will present their woodworking equipment and tools. The company offers over 4000 product names, primarily woodworking machines: new or wholly updated, as well as equipment for servicing cutting tools: welding, sharpening, surfacing, rolling. Forezinne’s range also includes band and circular saws, as well as container saws, knives and related tools: abrasive and sharpening accessories.

Established in 1976, Forezienne is a world-leading manufacturer of woodworking tools, exporting to 100 countries. The company provides technical support and training for grinding equipment and preparing the tools.

Discover Forezienne’s equipment and tools at stand A521, Hall 3, Pavilion 1

SCM: format-cutting centers

Leading Italian manufacturer of woodworking equipment, SCM will showcase machines for production of any scale: from a private workshop to an industrial company: CNC machining centers, saw centers and classic carpentry machines. In addition, SCM will present the latest compact format-cutting centers with movable carriages and tilt saws at an angle of up to 46°.

Among the finishing equipment, the dmc DBB volume grinding machine and the Superfici compact spray machine will also be presented.

SCM’s equipment will be presented at stand D615, Hall 4, Pavilion 1

Check out the very latest in woodworking machinery at Woodex 2019 this December.

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