The Russian innovations on show at Woodex 2019

Woodex to present high-quality Russian equipment for woodworking and furniture production

Kleyevyye Sistemy: A-10-3 gluing machine

Kleyevyye Sistemy is due to present its competitive gluing machines at Woodex this December. The company’s line-up includes the A-10-3 all-wheel drive gluers with two applicators and metering shafts that ensure a consistently high veneer feed rate of 100-110 m/min, reduced adhesive consumption of 95-105 g/sqm veneer, and high productivity – 90-100 cubic meters of plywood per day. A reliable mechanical seal system ensures tightness of the ends and shafts and easy setup and maintenance.

gluing machinegluing machine

The shafts’ rigidity and reliable synchronisation systems make it easy to configure and ensure its stability. Maximum protection of vital machine components can reduce maintenance and repair costs. The automatic glue feeding system reduces man hours and ensures stable gluing parameters.

Since 2006, Kleyevyye Sistemy has been designing, manufacturing and implementing equipment for dispensing, mixing and applying adhesive materials for producing plywood, bent glued blanks, glued beams, door panels, three-layer parquet, furniture blanks, and furniture panels.

Find Kleyevyye Sistemy at stand C165, Hall 3, Pavilion 1.

Geos CAD Development Centre: K3-Cottage Frame programme 9


K3-Cottage Frame programmeK3-Cottage Frame 9.0 is a unique programme for designing house frames, the only one of its kind on the Russian market. Close collaboration with leading Russian housebuilding companies enabled Geos to convert user needs into a more functional and convenient system than any other. The K3-Cottage Frame 9.0 programme has already passed initial tests and was highly appreciated by users.


Geos CAD Development Centre: K3-Facade programme 7.4

The new K3-Facade programme 7.4 fully automates the design and production of direct milled furniture facades. The application enables users to create 3-D models of façades of any size, set the necessary milling and create control programmes for any CNC machines, including those using Nesting technology. The K3-Facade programme provides different options for working with façades: use and edit a model from the library or create a façade from scratch.

Find Geos CAD Development Centre at stand A141, Hall 1, Pavilion 1.  

Geos CAD Development Centre: K3-Facade programmeGeos CAD Development Centre: K3-Facade programme



Kovrov Boilers Plant: ArchBioEnergo facility project

Russia’s largest producer of bioenergy, the Kovrovsky Kotli plant, will present this year's project at Woodex 2019, implemented at the ArkhBioEnergo facility in the Arkhangelsk Region.

Woodex Moscow
The boiler plant, built in 2011, was equipped with Austrian equipment and had a capacity of 12 MW. In 2018, due to a need to increase capacity, they refitted the boiler plant with equipment manufactured by Kovrovsky Kotly. It is now the most powerful pellet boiler in Russia. In winter, at a temperature of –30 °C, the daily consumption of wood pellets is 50 tonnes, while in summer, when its only demand is hot water, about 8 tonnes of pellets will be burned per day.

Learn more at stand D183, Hall 4, Pavilion 1.

Stankotsentr Perun: Sibir sawmills

Stankotsentr Perun will present its Sibir mechanised sawing lines with a capacity of up to 200,000 cubic meters per year.

Sibir sawmillsStankotsentr Perun produces high-quality machines for sawmills and woodworking companies, considered some of the best on the CIS market for their reliability, quality and high productivity.

Details can be found at stand D855, Hall 4, Pavilion 1

Find all these products and much more at Woodex 2019 this December, Russia’s leading trade show for the woodworking and furniture production industries.

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