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If you wish to visit the exhibition, you must have a QR-code confirming the status of “vaccinated”, “recovered” or “negative PCR test”

If you wish to visit the exhibition, you must have a QR-code confirming the status of “vaccinated”, “recovered” or “negative PCR test”. In most cases foreign citizens are not able to get the statues of “vaccinated” or “recovered”.

But you can easily get your QR-code with “negative PCR test”. To get a QR-code with “negative PCR test” you should have:

  1. Russian SIM card

  2. Foreign passport

  3. Registration documents (optional)

To receive a QR-code confirming the status of “negative PCR test”, you should be tested in one of the laboratories connected to the “EMIAS” (EMIAS is an electronic system for recording medical documents which is connected to the government portal).

We will update the list of laboratories connected to the “EMIAS” and send you the latest information. As an option you may use this link:

For testing, you will need your foreign passport. We recommend taking with you the registration documents (optional). At the laboratory you will be asked to fill out a form with the personal information.

After being tested, you will receive the results from the laboratory by email, which means you can fill the form on the state portal. 

Follow the link to receive a QR code on the state portal:

Enter your Surname, Name, Date of birth, Mobile phone (it only accepts Russian SIM card), Series and number of foreign citizen passport and other information exactly as indicated in the form for the “PCR test” at the laboratory. If you do not have “License for work in the Russian Federation” don’t fill the gap. Enter the confirmation code from SMS (from Russian SIM card).

After sending the request, the QR code will be granted to you. You can print or take a screenshot of your QR-code. At the entrance to the exhibition site, you will be checked for the presence of a QR code.

Woodex 2021
30 November—3 December
Crocus Expo
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