New optimizing cut offsaw Optima 120 Elite

With the new Optima 120 Elite, Omga Dierregi has further completed his range of defecting and optimizing crosscut saws, in order to respond to needs of the global markets

To complement the modern design lines of the equipment, new technology and new software have been developed to reach high precision, reliability, renown quality and durability, which customers came to expect from the OMGA brand, over the decades.  

The feed speed of 120 m/min places this model within the medium-high segment of the OMGA range of Optimizing Saws. The last generation CNC with Windows Embedded OS is complete with a 17” touch screen with adjustable angle, as well as all types of connection port (like RJ45 Ethernet, USB etc.) 
Thanks to our pusher system, traversing on precision linear rails, using linear encoder and with the help of a pneumatic tail clamp, the OPTIMA 120 Elite can reach an absolute positioning precision of +/- 0.15 mm. 
Vertical and front “intelligent clamps” within the cutting area can automatically adapt to the workpiece cross section to shorten the cycle time to the very minimum. Safety is also a major concern at OMGA, the operator is protected by a safety photocell curtain. 

Ergonomics and user friendly have been key points during development of new OPTIMA 120 Elite project; versatility was another goal, which was accomplished by the ability to receive a full set of options like automatic in-feed loading systems, Ink-jet printers, width scanners as well as length sorting systems at the out-feed.  

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