Analysing Russian and imported equipment for producing wooden doors

Day 2 of Woodex 2019 will see a conference on ‘A comparative analysis of Russian and imported equipment for wooden door production.’

•    Is it possible to substitute imports of technological equipment for companies producing wooden doors?
•    What is the share of Russian-made equipment in the wooden door sector?
•    What prevents domestic manufacturers of machine tools and equipment for woodworking from increasing sales to wooden door manufacturers?

Speakers at the conference will be representatives of leading firms in the door market, as well as leading manufacturers of machine tools and equipment for woodworking. Russian manufacturers will present successful case studies, and international manufacturers and sellers of imported equipment will share their experience on the Russian market.

The conference is organised with support from the National Door Industry Association/NADI.

Please note the event will take place in Russian.

View the full events programme here.

Don’t miss this important event for the woodworking industry at 11am on 4 December at Woodex 2019. 

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