Cutting-edge equipment at Woodex 2019

Even more new developments to discover at Woodex 2019.

From 3-6 December, Woodex 2019 will present the very latest equipment and products for woodworking and furniture production from major manufacturers and suppliers from across the world.

Here’s just a handful of exciting new developments due to be showcased at Woodex 2019.

Pellet boiler from Kovrovskiye Kotly


At Woodex 2019, the Kovrovsky Kotly will present Russia’s most powerful pellet boiler plant, located at the ArchBioEnergo facility in the village of Katunino, in the Arkhangelsk Region.
The boiler plant, built in 2011, was equipped with Austrian equipment and had a capacity of 12 MW. In 2018, due to a need to increase capacity, they refitted the boiler plant with equipment manufactured by Kovrovsky Kotly. 135 million roubles were spent on the modernisation project. ArkhBioEnergo say: “Katunino now has the most powerful pellet boiler in Russia. In winter, at a temperature of –30 °C, the daily consumption of wood pellets is 50 tonnes, while in summer, when its only demand is hot water, about 8 tonnes of pellets will be burned per day.”


Automated lines for granulating plant materials from Tekhpribor

The Tekhpribor plant will present the Scarabei small automated lines for granulating plant materials. The line allows the production of fuel and feed pellets; granular organic fertiliser; and sorption fillers.

The Scarabei line is a patent-protected Russian development, which excels over other designs by way of high efficiency, fire safety, and low metal consumption. Fire safety is ensured by ‘kinetic’ moisture removal technology, based on the effect of temperature separation of the air flow with partial recirculation of its heated part (similar to the Rank-Hilsh effect). Fuel granules can be used to obtain cheap thermal energy at housing and communal services, as well as supplied to regions experiencing fuel shortages.


Instant fire extinguishing systems from Firefly AB

Firefly AB instant extinguishing systems help save investment in production. For several years in a row, the company has developed new systems; in 2017, for the first time, technical solutions were standardised by leading laboratories in Europe and America. Firefly AB currently produces over 130 types of infrared detectors, which only detect dangerous particles, they are not sensitive to daylight. Their latest technical innovation - the new version of the Eximio systems software - supports the interface of previous generations of Firefly AB systems.


Discover all this equipment and much more at Woodex 2019, the industry’s leading woodworking and furniture production trade exhibition in Russia.

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